Steve Hackett announces Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live at the Royal Festival Hall

Steve Hackett FOTO: InsideOut

(English, please scroll down) Nach einer sensationellen UK-Tour 2018 hat der legendäre frühere Genesis-Gitarrist Steve Hackett für den 25. Oktober 2019 über InsideOutMusic die Veröffentlichung eines 2CD + Blu-Ray-Digipaks mit dem Titel „Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live in der Royal Festival Hall“ angekündigt.

Das Album wurde am 5. Oktober 2018 in der Royal Festival Hall, London, während der Genesis Revisited Tour 2018 aufgenommen, die einen lang gehegten Anspruch von Steve erfüllte: die Musik von Genesis mit einem Live-Orchester aufzuführen. Auf dem Konzert standen Steves reguläre Tourband Roger King (Keyboards), Gary O’Toole (Schlagzeug / Percussion), Rob Townsend (Saxophon / Flöte) mit Nad Sylvan am Gesang und Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings) am Bass sowie Special Gäste John Hackett und Amanda Lehmann, ergänzt durch das 41-köpfige Heart Of England Orchestra unter Bradley Thachuk.

Steve kommentierte: „Es war für die Band und mich eine fantastische Erfahrung, neben einem Orchester zu spielen und die Kraft des Sounds zu spüren, den diese außergewöhnliche Combo hervorgebracht hat. Es klingt sowohl in Film als auch in Audio gleichermaßen überzeugend. Ich bin stolz darauf, dieses aufregende Produkt auf den Markt zu bringen. „


Following a sensational 2018 UK tour, legendary guitarist Steve Hackett has announced the release of a 2CD + Blu-Ray digipak titled ‘Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live at the Royal Festival Hall’ on 25th October 2019 via InsideOutMusic.

The album was recorded on 5th October 2018 at The Royal Festival Hall, London, during the  2018 Genesis Revisited Tour which fulfilled a long held ambition of Steve’s: to perform the music of Genesis with a live orchestra. The concert featured Steve’s regular touring band of Roger King (keyboards), Gary O’Toole (drums/percussion), Rob Townsend (saxes/flutes) with Nad Sylvan on vocals and Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings) on bass, together with special guests John Hackett and Amanda Lehmann, and augmented by the 41-piece Heart Of England Orchestra conducted by Bradley Thachuk.

Steve commented – “It was a fantastic experience for both the band and myself to play alongside an orchestra and to feel the power of the sound this extraordinary combo created. It sounds equally compelling on both film and audio. I’m proud to release this exciting product.

The 2CD & Blu-Ray set includes tracks from Steve’s time with Genesis and also from his extensive solo career. The full track-listing is:

Set 1:
Dance On A Volcano
Out Of The Body
The Steppes
Firth Of Fifth
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
Blood On The Rooftops
Shadow Of The Hierophant

Set 2:
In That Quiet Earth
Serpentine Song
El Niño
Supper’s Ready

The Musical Box

The Blu-Ray digipak also includes a behind the scenes documentary plus promotional videos for Under The Eye Of The SunBeasts In Our Time and Peace from the ‚At The Edge Of Light‘ album. See trailer here:

About Steve Hackett:

Steve Hackett gained an international reputation as the guitarist in the classic 1970s Genesis line-up alongside Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins. Steve’s work was a key element of most acclaimed Genesis albums including Selling England by the Pound and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

With his solo career spanning more than 30 albums, Steve is renowned as both an immensely talented and innovative rock musician and a virtuoso classical guitarist and composer. This was recognised in 2010 when he was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. He has also worked alongside Steve Howe of YES in the supergroup GTR. 

Steve has an extraordinary versatility with both electric and acoustic guitar and his compositions  take influences from many genres, including jazz, classical and blues. His most recent studio works The Night Siren (2017) and At The Edge Of Light (2019) have also seen Steve exploring the influences of world music.

2019 is a busy year for Steve. Following the success of the orchestral tour Steve released his 25th studio album At The Edge Of Light in January. He and the band then embarked on the Selling England/Spectral Mornings Tour across Europe and the USA before they return for 20 dates in the UK in November. This tour marks the first time Steve has performed the whole of his favourite Genesis album Selling England By The Pound together with Steve’s favourite songs from his solo Spectral Mornings album, celebrating its 40th anniversary, and tracks from his current album.