SOEN release video single „Fortune“

Today, the engaging, enchanting, cutting, yet beautiful Swedish metal supergroup Soen release the enchanting video for the single “Fortune”. The track is taken from the forthcoming release ATLANTIS, out via Silver Lining Music this week on November 18th, 2022.

Musically, “Fortune” is epically heavy with its crushing riffs and percussion, yet delicate with haunting vocal phases and an outstanding guitar solo, all whilst carrying a poignant story and message.

Founding members Martin Lopez and Joel Ekelöf comment „Fortune is a song about getting beaten up by life, falling down again and again, but getting back up regardless. In this specific case, it is about seeing a loved one face the obstacles that you have faced, letting them know that things will eventually get better and that you have got their back no matter what.”

ATLANTIS is a special concert film featuring thirteen of the group’s most popular compositions reinterpreted with live orchestral accompaniment. ATLANTIS was created within the mystic and magical confines of Atlantis Grammofon Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, which has seen a wide range of international artists record, from Quincy Jones to Lenny Kravitz to Green Day. Formerly a movie house in 1941, it went on to become Metronome Studio (during which time ABBA was born) before becoming Atlantis Grammofon in 1983. 
Filmed and recorded on December 10th 2021, Martin Lopez (drums & percussion), Joel Ekelöf (lead vocals), Lars Enok Åhlund (guitars & piano), Cody Lee Ford (lead guitar) and Oleksii “Zlatoyar” Kobel (bass) worked together with an 8-piece orchestra to reinterpret and rediscover fresh energy and elements in classic Soen songs, such as “Antagonist”, “Monarch”, “Jinn” and “Lucidity”, as well as introducing a stunning interpretation of Slipknot’s deeply dark meditation on darkness rejecting love, “Snuff”. The end result of this 80 minutes performance is some remarkable new aural refractions of Soen’s greatest material for fans to absorb and enjoy. As has always been the way with Soen: the deepest dives yield the greatest treasures.
Watch/Listen to the recently released “Trials” and Slipknot cover “Snuff”, taken from Soen’s “alternative utopia” at this location.
Following the success of the IMPERIAL European Tour, the relentless metal quintet will shortly embark on a twenty-date North American Tour, kicking-off at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall; the tour will also see Soen perform as special guests of Katatonia in Dallas and Austin on December 6th and 7th. The band are excited to be on the road again and show no signs of slowing down in their quest to bring the Soen experience to the world.
“It’s a dream come true to finally be able to do an extensive North American tour,” enthuses Lopez. “It’s a milestone for any band to tour a continent with such a rich musical history and we are very excited about finally getting to meet our North American audience. See you all there!” 
For a full list of confirmed dates, tickets, and additional information visit this this location


„A remarkable metamorphosis“ – ECLIPSED

“‘ATLANTIS’ undeniably proves that SOEN’s music can be as breathtaking, poignant and ultimately beautiful in an acoustic live setting as it is imposing, crunching and thunderous in their studio releases. These guys are truly masters of combining emotion and strength, power and atmosphere in their own unique way” – POWER PLAY

„Almost two hours of pure emotion“ – ROCK HARD GERMANY
“Flawless and sublime… So delightful and satisfying, you could listen to this endlessly and still be just as excited as the first time 
hearing it.”

For 80 minutes the exceptional Swedes are succesfully working on upping their status to ‚legendary‘“ – METAL HAMMER GERMANY
ATLANTIS is a deep dive into SOEN’s artistic soul” – A&P REACTS
Intimate, prog and atmospheric” – ROCK HARD ITALY
An Absolute gem” – WANTLIST
Not so much a different spin but emphatically one that adds a new and enlightening perspective and dimension to the Soen catalogue” – Powerplay
“Stop signs for the restless world” – STARKSTROM
“This concert film of Soen is a definite must see” – HeadBangers LifeStyle

Soen’s distinctive prog sound works incredibly well as an audio-visual treat with chamber music expansion.“ – MUSIKREVIEWS.DE
“Starring on ‚Atlantis‘ is guitarist Cody Lee Ford, who comes up with one beautiful solo after another.” – AARDSHOK
ATLANTIS was recorded by David Castillo and Iñaki Marconi, mixed by Castillo, and mastered by Tony Lindgren. The performance was filmed and directed by George Laycock from the bespoke British production house Blacktide Phonic/Visual.
ATLANTIS will be available as a DVD-CD with bonus footage, a Double 12” Limited Edition Vinyl, Long Form Video, Digital Download and Streaming. Pre-order all formats, including Long Form Video at this location
The additional orchestral musicians and contributors on ATLANTIS are:
Stefan StenbergDouble Bass
Joakim SimonssonPiano and Organ
Karin LiljenbergViolin 1
Andreas ForsmanViolin 2
Erik HolmViola
Cecilia LinnéCello
Johanna BörjessonVocals
Therése BörjessonVocals
Technical support: Dan Wahlbeck
Drum tech: Rickard Gustafsson
Sound support: Niclas Lindström
Soen wish to thank them deeply for their immense contribution to this performance.

ATLANTIS Track List:
1. Antagonist
2. Lunacy
3. Monarch
4. Trials
5. River
6. Jinn
7. Illusion
8. Modesty
9. Lucidity
10. Savia
11. Fortune
12. Snuff
13. Lascivious
14. Lotus

SOEN are:

Martin Lopez, Drums and percussion
Joel Ekelöf, Lead vocals
Lars Enok Åhlund, Guitars and Piano
Cody Lee Ford, Lead Guitar
Oleksii ”Zlatoyar” Kobel, Bass